At Art Appraisal Services, we understand that the appraisal process can intimidate and overwhelm anyone.

You can trust Art Appraisal Services to guide you through that process with Expertise, Objectivity, Confidentiality, and--above all--Sensitivity.

INSURANCE: Claims & Scheduling

Art Appraisal Services' appraisals provide thorough documentation of your possessions, including photographs, full descriptions, condition, and replacement value, all to industry standards.  In the event of loss, we consult with appropriate conservators in order to provide you with the replacement value before and after loss, and subsequent diminution of value.


The equitable distribution of property between two divided parties requires objectivity, sensitivity, and a strong understanding of relevant state laws and definitions of Fair Market Value and Market Cash Value.  We work closely with the clients and lawyers to insure a fair and impartial resolution during difficult times.


ESTATE VALUATION: Estate Tax, Gift Tax, Equitable Distribution

As with Donations and Divorce, there are many State and Federal laws affecting the processes of estate valuation, not least of which are the extended definitions of Fair Market Value provided by the IRS. 


At Art Appraisal Services, we make it a top priority to keep up with the ever changing laws relevant to non-cash charitable contribution.  We insure the tax deduction you are entitled to while conforming to IRS Code Section 170 and IRS Publication 526 (see also IRS Publication 1771 on Charitable Contributions--Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements).

​​Art Appraisal Services, LLC

                    Christina V. Whitson, ASA

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